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Gotcha! Altering Search Queries in Drupal 7

When building a website, regardless of the technologies used, sometimes you want certain pages to be publicly accessible, but not show up in results from in-site searches for one reason or another. The problem with execution of this with a community driven content management system such as Drupal is that you are working with modules written by different developers and every one does things a littl... more »
Using the Private File System In Drupal 8 r0nn1ef Sat, 02/18/2017 - 22:30
The primary purpose of any content management system is to allow administrators to create content without having to have extensive experience with HTML or even an understanding of how a web server works, Drupal is no different. In today's online world, however, the definition of content has expanded far beyond text on the screen. Users want pictures, manuals, documentation, and audio and video con... more »
Understanding Core Search: Helping You Users Find What They Need r0nn1ef Wed, 02/15/2017 - 19:34
Let's face it, it doesn't matter how pretty your new website is or what kind of bells and whistles you've built to get business done. If your users can't find what they are looking for, they will leave and find it somewhere else! That's why it's critical that your site have some sort of search capabilities. First, let me clarify, by search , I'm not talking about search engines such as Google or B... more »

Drush Rush - Scripting Drupal Installation

I've been using Drupal for several years now and love the CMS. It seems that every day I find something else about Drupal or a specific custom module or add-on that makes it better and better. I've known about Drush, the command-line utility for Drupal , for awhile now but only recently starting using it and digging through the docs to see what it's actually capable of. Today was the day I unlocke... more »

5 Reasons Your CMS Sucks

I've work with a lot of different companies in different industries who use a content management system (CMS). When I ask them why they want a new website, to often I hear, "Our current CMS just sucks." or something along those lines. To a potential developer, this doesn’t help at all. Why does it suck? There are obviously reasons they say that. Here are the top five things I usually find when I i... more »
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