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Exit Stage Left – Simply Hired Ceases Service

The one thing about creating and maintaining a contributed module that integrates a third-party API is that sooner or later, that API may cease to exist. This, unfortunately, is the case for the SimplyHired jobs module . On May 27, 2016, I received the following email from Simply Hired job portal with the following notice about the termination of their Partnership Program which includes the API fo... more »

Top 4 Drupal 8 Features

As of last night (October 1, 2015), Drupal 8 beta had reached 0 critical issues . This was a major milestone to enter the release candidate cycle . I've been keeping an eye on the dev cycle and toying with development off and on for over a year now ... waiting to see what is in store for developers. Now that everything seems to be leveled off and somewhat stable, I have created my top four feature... more »
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